Under the supervision of Dr. Sanaa Al-Ettaimesh

PhD in psychological counseling and educational guidance and vocational


Among an international centers specializing in training and providing psychological, social and family counseling services to student, employees and all segment of society.


Enhancing positive thinking, scientific and practical innovation, re-engineering of training, educational development and advanced consultative thinking according to distinctive programs, helping institutions to find strategic solutions to the problems they face. Supporting competitive capacities and providing consultative thinking for the continuous improvement of the activities of institutions in the private and public sectors. Provide consultation of different dimensions in a scientific and systematic manner by a group of specialist in the guidance of the fields (family- educational- marriage- health development, mental health and vocational guidance). Fallow the methods of partnership in the implementation and follow-up success of guidance and individual counseling, where the interactive relationship between expert center and the visa for balance and integration.


Our psychological counseling center occupies a distinguished position among specialized local and regional centers in the field of psychological counseling, as an input of human development and performance in various educational and professional institutions in society.


The center seeks to contribute effectively to the comprehensive development of human resources and to provide training programs, services, educational and psychological counseling, so as to raise the effectiveness efficiency of the performance of individuals, student, teachers, administrators, researchers and strengthen the ability of educational institution to achieve their strategic objectives, and to achieve the quality of performance in various sectors professionally and morally as well, as the development of theories and services in the field of psychological counseling to help educational institutions, research, administrative, technical and professional in the improving its performance and development.