Psychological guidance and educational and vocational guidance

> The difficulty of dealing with the first child, family intervention, counseling, treatment and guidance.

> Provide psychological and educational counseling and vocational guidance for governmental and non-governmental educational institutions in relation to the affairs of pupils and staff of these institutions.

> Elderly concerns include anxiety about future retirement, health problems, social counseling and workshops.

> Adolescents and their problems, psychological problems, social problems, services include individual counseling workshops for adolescent’s behaviour modification professional guidance capabilities and possibilities, modifying misconceptions, workshops for parents in how to deal with the problems of adolescents.

> Psychological Assessments

> Individual Psychotherapy

> Marriage counselling includes family therapy for divorce cases, complex family disputes, public counseling, advance and guidance through groups and workshops, and family therapy programs through couples' treatment sessions.

> Emotional and social problems and trauma include counseling, psychotherapy, trauma treatment, post trauma therapy, self-help sessions and behaviour modification.

> The guidance of children under school age includes problems of fear in children and the problems of aggressive behaviour and problems of stubbornness in children and problems of phobia. Through the treatment of behavioural modification and music therapy and play therapy.